What is Pet Portraits with Purpose?

* Bring your pet into our studio for their own timeless portrait.

* Receive an 8x10 special print + digital file.

* Half of your  investment will be donated to the APL.

Imagine your pet was homeless, hungry and hoping someone would come along and love them. Every animal deserves a chance at a happy life. We created Pet Portraits with Purpose to help raise awareness and give these pets a better chance at finding a happy home. Our hope is you will become part of this amazing cause so we can continue doing what we do and help make a difference.

50% of all profit will be donated to our local Animal Protective League! Each investment is $100 (per pet) and includes camera time to capture your pets unique personality. You will choose your favorite image and receive a digital download and an 8x10 print. If you invite a friend or family member and they book as well, you both will get an 11x14 upgrade! Limited spots are available. We hope to see you there!

next shoot date



11:45 am (Pugsly)
12:00 pm (Wilee)
12:30 pm (Ivan) 
12:45 pm (Wendy)   
1:00 pm (Kali)
1:30 pm (Sully) 
1:45 pm (Thor)    
2:00 pm (Scout)  
2:30 pm (Gracie)

2:45 pm (Cruz)
3:00 pm (Maui) 
3:15 pm (AVAILABLE)   
3:30 pm (Daisy) 
3:45 pm (Sadie)
4:00 pm (Rhips)

4:30 pm (Lincoln)
4:45 pm (Chase)  
5:00 pm (Rocky) 
5:15 pm (Hudson) 
5:30 pm (Mia) 
5:45 pm (Finn) 
6:00 pm (Stormy) 

See which time works best for you

Please call, text or email us to reserve your time.

To keep things manageable we are only able to do 1 pet per portrait. You can purchase a portrait for each of your pets and bring one in at a time. We can photoshop them in the same photo later if you request. 

Text us when you arrive. We will reply when we are ready for you and your pet to enter. Please take a moment to walk your pet in our yard next to the parking lot. This can help them not be as anxious or excited when entering the studio.

Plan for about 15 minutes for your pet & bring any snacks or toys that will help them to be attentive and happy!

To keep your Pet Portrait running smoothly, please see the below guidelines...

Studio address
2160 South 6th St., Suite G
Springfield,IL 62702