50% of all profits are donated to the APL

There are a lot of animals in need of love, security, food and shelter. We created Pet Portraits with Purpose to help give back anyway we can. Join us in our studio on February 23rd and have your pets portrait taken. 50% of all profit is donated to Animal Protective League! Each investment is $100 and includes camera time to capture your pets unique personality, a digital download and one 8x10 print. Limited spots available. Help us do some good and get a great photo of your pet at the same time. Reserve today!

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12:00 pm (Maggie) 
12:30 pm (Maximus)    
12:45 pm (AVAILABLE)   
1:00 pm (Indy) 
1:30 pm (AVAILABLE) 
1:45 pm (Cookie Monster)    
2:00 pm (Bentley)    
2:30 pm (Kong.)    
2:45 pm (Bane)  
3:00 pm (Jazzy Jazzerton)    
3:30 pm (Leo)  
3:45 pm (Blanka)  
4:00 pm (Bailey)  
4:30 pm (Stanley)  
4:45 pm (AVAILABLE)  
5:00 pm (AVAILABLE) 

spots available

To keep things manageable we are only able to do 1 pet per portrait. You can purchase a portrait for each of your pets and bring one in at a time.

Please take a moment to walk your pet in our yard next to the parking lot. This can help them not be as anxious or excited when entering the studio.

Plan for about 15 minutes for your pet & bring any snacks or toys that will help them to be attentive and happy!

To keep your Pet Portrait running smoothly, please see the below guidelines...

Studio address
2160 South 6th St., Suite G
Springfield,IL 62702